Past Announcements Date Released
Rosewood Property Group hired Talonvest to arrange a 10-year, interest only, $17.45 million acquisition loan for self storage portfolio in Rhode Island. January 24, 2019
Take Aways From the 2019 NYSSA Investment Forum January 16, 2019
Clark Investment Group and Integrates Partners hired Talonvest to arrange $5.2 million in equity and a $13.6 construction loan for self storage facility in Ridgefield, NJ. December 5, 2018
Leon Capital Group hired Talonvest to arrange $28 million construction loan for 3 properties in the Portland-Vancouver MSA. November 8, 2018
Hear from Eric Snyder about the 100%+ LTC Non-Recourse bridge loan Talonvest negotiated for a client! October 5, 2018
Post Management/GoodFriend Self Storage hired Talonvest to arrange $15.1M of Equity & Debt for a self storage property in New York. September 27, 2018
Top Take Aways from the SSA Annual Conference Economic Summit… September 18, 2018
JSM Venture and CEDARst Engages Talonvest to Arrange a 3-year, interest only, $25.25M Bridge Loan for a Mixed-Use Storage/Office Property in Chicago, IL. August 24, 2018
Top Take Aways from the Self Storage Owners Summit… July 26, 2018
Talonvest and William Warren Group Celebrate Closing $350 million in 12 States for 61 StorQuest Self Storage Properties July 17, 2018
Metro Self Storage engages Talonvest to Negotiate a $47.35 Million, Interest Only, No Minimum Debt Yield, Life Company Bridge Loan for Seven Properties Early in Lease Up located in IL, MN, WI, NJ. June 28, 2018
Mountain Pacific Properties hires Talonvest to Arrange a 10-Year Interest Only, $9.5 Million Cash Out Refinance for a Self Storage facility in Evergreen, Colorado. May 31, 2018
CIP Real Estate hires Talonvest to negotiate a $3.7 Million, 5-year Fixed Rate, Non-Recourse Bank Loan with Flexible Prepayment for the acquisition of Rincon Industrial Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. May 2, 2018
William Warren Group hires Talonvest to Negotiate a 10-Year Interest Only, $22.18 Million Cash Out, Refinance for a StorQuest Self Storage facility in Downtown Los Angeles. April 26, 2018
Chicago Capital Funds hires Talonvest to Negotiate a 10-Year Interest Only, $13.6 Million Cash Out, Refinance for a U-Store-It Self Storage Facility in San Diego, CA April 3, 2018
The Jenkins Organization engages Talonvest to arrange $36.8 Million in JV Equity for 10 Self Storage Developments in Texas March 9, 2018
Top Take Aways from the ULI Money Chase February 28, 2018
Public Storage CEO, Ron Havner, to Deliver Industry Keynote at July 19th Owners Summit February 21, 2018
CIP Real Estate hires Talonvest to Structure $18M Acquisition Bridge Loan for Business Park in Hayward, CA February 14, 2018
Newport National Corporation engages Talonvest to Negotiate an $18.25M Debt Fund Bridge Loan for an Office Property Refinance in Carlsbad, CA January 18, 2018
Take Aways From the NYSSA Investment Forum January 17, 2018
Talonvest Negotiates $13.4M Permanent Loan with a 7.75% Debt Yield November 17, 2017
Bascom San Francisco obtains higher loan proceeds and a lower rate due to Talonvest’s knowledge and negotiating influence November 14, 2017
U-Stor-It hires Talonvest for $42M in Permanent Financings on 6 Self Storage Properties in Illinois October 23, 2017
Bascom hires Talonvest to Arrange an $11.455M Bank Bridge Loan for an Apartment Acquisition in Torrance, CA September 25, 2017
Valuable Insights from Talonvest-SSA Economic Summit September 18, 2017
Mountain Pacific Properties engages Talonvest to arrange an $11,000,000 loan with 10-Years Interest Only for a self storage property in Grand Junction, CO. August 17, 2017
Valuable Insights from Talonvest/CSSA’s 13th Annual Storage Owners Summit July 27, 2017
William Warren Group hires Talonvest to arrange multiple construction loans for their development of six new StorQuest Self Storage facilities. July 13, 2017
CIP engages Talonvest to arrange a $10.84M Debt Fund Bridge Loan for a Value Add Business Park Acquisition in Riverside, CA July 11, 2017
SoCal Self Storage Hires Talonvest for $87M in Financings on 8 Self Storage Properties in Southern California June 8, 2017
Bascom hires Talonvest to Arrange an $8.5M Bank Bridge Loan for an Apartment Acquisition in Las Vegas, NV May 31, 2017
Rosewood Hires Talonvest for $92M in Financings on 21 Self Storage Properties across 6 States April 5, 2017
Storage Etc. closes on Non-Recourse, Interest Only, Fixed Rate Loans, for a Self Storage Portfolio in Southern CA March 2, 2017
Talonvest arranges Non-Recourse Bank Bridge Loan for Multi-Tenant Business Park in Orange, CA for CIP Real Estate February 21, 2017
Talonvest arranges a Construction Loan for World Class Capital Group on a Self Storage Development in Newhall, CA February 7, 2017
Talonvest arranges Non-Recourse Bridge Loan for an Empty Office Bldg in San Diego for Newport National Corporation December 22, 2016
Storage King Hires Talonvest for $32M in Financings November 29, 2016
Talonvest Provides $58,000,000 Self Storage Portfolio September 15, 2016
Talonvest Provides $16,140,000 Loan in Charlotte September 1, 2016
$62 Million in Bank Loans funded for SoCal Self Storage July 13, 2016
Clark Investment Group finances $124 Million across 32 properties June 15, 2016
Talonvest Negotiates Cash Out Refinances for The William Warren Group May 12, 2016
Talonvest Closes Loan on Industrial Park for CIP in Ontario, CA April 14, 2016
$75 Million Financed for Southern CA based Top Owner March 22, 2016
Talonvest Structures Bank Loan for Business Park in Southern California February 24, 2016
Talonvest Negotiates sub 3.25% Fixed Rate Life Co. Loan for A-1 Storage February 10, 2016
Talonvest Structures Riverside Business Park Loan for CIP January 26, 2016
Talonvest Closes Nearly $500 Million in 2015 January 13, 2016
Talonvest Represents Another Top Storage Owner December 17, 2015
Talonvest Closes $24M Loan for CIP November 23, 2015
Talonvest Delivers Low Debt Yield Loan for Hexon Self Storage November 19, 2015
Talonvest Closes Another Loan for The Bascom Group October 21, 2015
$58,250,000 Loan Closed on Midwest Portfolio September 30, 2015
Devon Self Storage Closes Multiple Loans with Talonvest September 4, 2015
Talonvest Closes More Loans Nationwide June 25, 2015
Talonvest Closes $31 Million Life Company Storage Loan for Catalyst June 8, 2015
Talonvest Closes $10.9M Office Building Loan in Riverside, CA May 18, 2015
18 Property, 5 State Portfolio Self Storage Acquisition Loan April 21, 2015
Talonvest Closes $10.5M Loan in North Carolina March 31, 2015
Top Take-Aways from the SSA Economic Summit March 30, 2015
Talonvest Arranged $77 Million for Storquest in 2014 March 1, 2015
Talonvest Sponsors Industry Events February 28, 2015
Talonvest Closes More Self Storage Loans December 2, 2014
Talonvest Closes $17,000,000 Self Storage Portfolio in Southern California September 30, 2014
Talonvest closes a $37,800,000 Business Park Portfolio loan for CIP September 28, 2014
Talonvest Closes Three Property Portfolio in North Carolina August 13, 2014
Talonvest Closes $18.4 Million Four Property Portfolio in CT July 16, 2014
Talonvest Closes $22.7 Million Loan for Multi-State Storage Portfolio June 25, 2014
Talonvest Lands Candidate for Governor of California as July 17th Keynote! May 6, 2014
Talonvest Closes Multiple Loans in the Southeast May 6, 2014
Talonvest Closes $36M Loan for Multi-State Storage Portfolio May 1, 2014
Talonvest Opens East Coast Office, Hires Scott Sweeney March 27, 2014
Talonvest Closes $14.2M Loan for Simply Self Storage February 21, 2014
Talonvest Closes Another Office Bridge Loan January 16, 2014
Talonvest Closes $42M Loan for 12 Self Storage Properties January 8, 2014
Life Co. Loan Closed with IO & Prepay Flexibility October 23, 2013
Talonvest Closes Bank, Bridge and CMBS Loans on Office, Retail & Industrial Properties October 10, 2013
$116,200,000 Loan Closed with 10 Years IO for Metro September 19, 2013
Talonvest Closes Multi-tenant Industrial Loans for Burke August 20, 2013
Talonvest Closes Portfolio Loan for Kurt O’Brien July 16, 2013
Talonvest Closes Non-Recourse Office Building Bridge Loan July 16, 2013
Talonvest Closes Another Life Company Loan April 18, 2013
Talonvest’s Competitive Bid Process Saves Borrower 35bps in Rate March 19, 2013
Talonvest Closes 81% Loan February 28, 2013
Talonvest Closes $16.8 million Loan for DPO & Cash Out Refi January 16, 2013
Talonvest closes 80% loan for Auction Acquisition & Cash Out Refi December 12, 2012
Talonvest Closes 4.25% Fixed Rate Loans with Lengthy IO Terms November 15, 2012
Talonvest Closes 25 Year Fully Amortizing Life Company Loan September 25, 2012
Talonvest Closes Storage Loans Nationwide September 15, 2012
Talonvest Closes Another Office Loan September 12, 2012
Talonvest Closes Loans in NC, SC and GA August 28, 2012
Top Ten Takeaways From the Owners Summit July 31, 2012
Talonvest closes loans in FL, AL, MI & OH July 12, 2012
Talonvest closes Michigan Self Storage Loan May 31, 2012
Talonvest Closes Non-Recourse Bridge Loans for Office Parks May 18, 2012
Talonvest Co-Hosts Self Storage Owners Summit March 30, 2012
Talonvest Promotes Industry Education thru ULI March 5, 2012
Talonvest Closes Self Storage Portfolio Bank Loan February 15, 2012
Talonvest Closes Office Portfolio Bridge Loan January 31, 2012
Talonvest Starts 2012 with Low Fixed-Rates January 12, 2012
Talonvest Offers Additional New Loan Programs November 15, 2011
Talonvest Closes Debt & Equity July 15, 2011
Talonvest Offers New Loan Programs June 15, 2011
Talonvest Closes Valleywide SS May 15, 2011
Talonvest Quotes $25 Million April 15, 2011
Talonvest Lands $24 Million March 15, 2011
Talonvest Offers CMBS Loan Program January 15, 2011
Talonvest Lands Assignments October 15, 2010
Talonvest Takes Flight July 15, 2010