Every member of the Talonvest team is committed to our client’s success, see what the industry leaders who have trusted us for many years have to say about what we’ve done for them….

“Within a short time frame, Talonvest orchestrated a competitive bid, delivered a new lending relationship, and negotiated an attractive rate and loan structure. They delivered results for the Bascom team.”

Jerry Fink



“The Talonvest team was organized, educated and very responsive, a rare combination in a mortgage brokerage firm.”

Will Murphy



“We had complete confidence Talonvest would deliver a great capital solution to us based on their reputation, their capital relationships built over decades, and the excellent service they’ve provided us in the past.”

Larry Nora
Chicago Capital Funds


“The Talonvest team proved to us their service far exceeds that of a traditional mortgage broker.”

Joanne Geiler

Polo Properties, LLC


“The Talonvest team understood our objectives, knew the right lenders to bring into the competition, negotiated a great loan, and helped us establish a new lending relationship. Their team did an excellent job for us.”

Martin Gallagher

Metro Self Storage


“Talonvest’s decades of self storage finance experience, capital market expertise, and deep lender relationships have provided Rosewood great value as we’ve grown our portfolio.”

Greg Bates
Rosewood Property Company


“Our first experience working with Talonvest greatly exceeded our expectations. Their capital market expertise and loan closing execution were invaluable.”

John Mengel
JSM Venture


“We got the best combination of pricing, terms, and flexibility on this loan because of the competition Talonvest created. We’ve worked with their team for many years because they always save us time and money.”

Eric Smyth


“The Talonvest team made another priceless connection for the growth of our business; their experience with joint venture equity investing was invaluable throughout the process of getting this investment structured and closed. They did an amazing job for us!”

Marc Slayton
Post Management


“The Talonvest team utilized its capital market expertise and vast lending network to quickly deliver the right lender with good terms and the ability to close in a timely manner.”

Scott Brusseau
Newport National


“Talonvest delivered a unique equity structure through their partnership with Clark Investment Group and then followed up with a one-of-a-kind construction loan. They’ve made invaluable connections for us and the growth of our business.”

Gary Delaney
Integritas Partners


“Talonvest secured our last construction portfolio loan and they delivered once again. They’re a valuable leverage point for our team and drive better pricing, terms, and structure through competition and negotiation.”

Jake Walker
Leon Capital Group