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Areas of Expertise

Life company loans for lower LTV non-recourse transactions with early rate locks

Large and regional bank placement financing for acquisitions and developments

Credit union loans with no prepayment penalty

Higher leverage non-recourse bridge financing(i.e. Debt Funds, Investment Management Companies) for transitional/value-add properties

Lower leverage non and partial recourse bridge financing for transitional/value-add properties

Construction financing, both recourse and non-recourse, for all property types

CMBS for higher LTV non-recourse permanent loans

Private lender financing for accelerated closings


Shane Albers

1784 Holdings | Chairman and CEO

Talonvest is an integral part of our business team. Their ability to navigate the capital markets, consistently deliver favorable loan terms, and solve issues that may arise in the closing process is invaluable.

Brian Cohen

Andover Properties | President & CEO

We consider Talonvest to be a trusted and integral partner in our business. Their track record of successfully securing favorable terms for our deals, regardless of complexity, is invaluable, and their dedication to the process makes working with their team seamless and collaborative.

Bob Strom

CIP Real Estate | Principal & Chairman

We chose to trust Talonvest again because their team delivers great results and their extensive capital markets knowledge is invaluable.

Brian Wirtz

Multifamily Investment Partners, LLC | Managing Director

The Talonvest team did an excellent job on our last financing and we will continue our collaboration as we expand our portfolio in Los Angeles MSA. Once again, they efficiently delivered a lender with excellent terms and did it within the tight acquisition timeline.

Gary Cardamone

Nuvo Development | Owner & CEO

Talonvest’s partnership with a private owner helped us access unique long-term hold oriented equity capital. Plus, their extensive lending relationships resulted in a very attractively structured and priced construction loan. The Talonvest team was knowledgeable, communicative, and delivered results.

Todd Allen

Reliant Real Estate Management, LLC | Managing Principal

Talonvest was instrumental in providing, negotiating, and delivering attractive senior debt. The team’s tenacity to steward their client’s objectives across the finish line was impressive. We look forward to a continued profitable relationship with both the broker and lender.

Matthew M. Nagel

Metro Storage LLC | Chairman

The day before closing Talonvest negotiated a spread decrease that created substantial interest savings for us over the life of the loan. They focused on delivering results for us all the way until the loans closed.

Clark Porter

The William Warren Group | President & CFO

Our experience with Talonvest Capital has been nothing short of exceptional. We have successfully closed many deals with their team, and their ability to create and deliver excellent financing continues to reinforce our unwavering confidence in their services.

Bob Baker

Clark Investment Group | President

We trust Talonvest to deliver exceptional results in every transaction. Their negotiating influence helped us secure the best possible financing for these assets.

Ryan Hanks

Madison Capital Group | President & CEO

We have hired Talonvest over and over because of their proven expertise in structuring debt. They continually deliver results that exceed our expectations.

Drew Hoeven

Westport Properties | Chairman & CIO

The level of attention and guidance Talonvest brought to our financing needs was unique. They approached the assignment as if they owned the asset and delivered an excellent loan.

John R. Nikolich

LSC Development | President & COO

The Talonvest team negotiated hard on our behalf, was engaged throughout the process, and delivered an attractive loan that closed quickly.

Joe Ferguson

The Bascom Group | Acquisition Manager

The Talonvest team exceeded our expectations in a highly turbulent lending environment, and we were very impressed with their execution from start to finish.

Greg Bates

Rosewood Property Company | CFO

We are continually impressed by the Talonvest team’s extensive network of lenders and ability to deliver attractive financing.

Will Murphy

CEDARst | Co-Founder & CEO

The Talonvest team was organized, educated and very responsive, a rare combination in a mortgage brokerage firm.

Marc Slayton

Post Management | President & CEO

The Talonvest team made another priceless connection for the growth of our business. Their experience with joint venture equity investing was invaluable throughout the process of getting this investment structured and closed. They did an amazing job for us!

Harrell Beck

Catalyst Storage Partners | CIO

Talonvest has successfully negotiated both life company and securitized long-term fixed-rate loans for us. Their broad reach into the capital markets has created financial benefits for us once again.

Scott Brusseau

Newport National Corporation | President

The Talonvest team utilized its capital market expertise and vast lending network to quickly deliver the right lender with good terms and the ability to close in a timely manner.

Scott Crist

Crist Property Company | President & CEO

Talonvest brought life companies, banks, credit unions, and CMBS lenders into the competition which resulted in us getting excellent loan terms and pricing.

Brian Shniderson

Capital 360 | President

Once again Talonvest came through for us. I’ve come to rely on their experience, broad relationships, and wise counsel, unlike any other investment banking firm I’ve worked with.

Glenn Daiutolo

Bascom Arizona Ventures | Managing Director

Our first experience working with Talonvest exceeded our expectations. The team’s collective knowledge and experience was invaluable and resulted in an excellent loan for us.

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